By Leah Abrahams
Sep 18, 2014 @ 11:45 am
Steve Granitz/WireImage, Brian Henn

The Web puts answers to every conundrum at your fingertips, but do you really want to seek fashion and beauty counsel from whoever turns up at the top of the page? In a pioneering collaboration with Google, we quizzed the non-virtual pros for answers on the Internet’s most-searched style stumpers.

While conducting our research, we found that some of the most frequently googled beauty questions revolve around how frequently certain processes should be done. Behold, we answered the top four. How often should I ...

... Wax?

Every three to four weeks, according to Keisha Pittman, lead aesthetician at Bliss Spa. Any sooner and the hairs may not be long enough to get a clean pull—which means all pain, no gain. (Try Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads, $38;

... Wash My Hair?

At least two to three times per week. Waiting longer can result in scalp buildup, while shampooing too often can dry out ends and dull the color. If you really want to stretch the time in between, "Shampoo the roots and scalp, and save conditioner just for the tops," says stylist Nunzio Saviano. (Try Kérsastase Bain Densité, $39;

... Cut My Hair?

Manhattan salon owner Riccardo Maggiore advises every four to six weeks for short, styled hair. "Longer hair does not need to be cut as frequently, but trims are recommended every six to eight weeks to get rid of breakage-causing split ends," he says.

... Color My Locks?

You can wait six to eight weeks for gray touch-ups and eight to 12 weeks for highlights, which are more forgiving. To extend the life of your new hue, Drew Barrymore’s colorist Tracey Cunningham suggests using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

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