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Nov 09, 2014 @ 5:45 pm
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The Web puts answers to every conundrum at your fingertips, but do you really want to seek fashion and beauty counsel from whoever turns up at the top of the page? In a pioneering collaboration with Google, we quizzed the non-virtual pros for answers on the Internet’s most-searched style stumpers.

To tweeze, or not to tweeze---that is the question! While we always recommend seeing a pro to get your brows threaded, shaped, or waxed, there are times when booking a salon appointment will slip our minds, leaving us to our own devices. That's why we enlisted the help of brow artist extraordinaire Zoey Van Jones for her tips on how to keep our natural arches from taking on wacky shapes, and had our site producer Leah Abrahams demonstrate in our GIF guide below. Pick up your tweezers, and keep reading to get the step-by-step instructions.

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"Never tweeze naked brows, because everything looks astray when they're clean," Van Jones says. Start by filling in the natural shape of your brows, and if you're unsure, pick up a stencil kit like Van Jones' ($35; to help map things out. We used Billion Dollar Brows' Brush ($16; to apply a powder that matched the tone of Leah's arches ($22; "It's like cutting a piece of silk---you have to mark it first," Van Jones adds.

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"Fill in your brow as big as you can, following the natural shape, and tweeze anything outside of the line," says Van Jones. To determine exactly which hairs needed to be removed, Leah ran Benefit's High Brow pencil ($22; along her brow bone where she'd normally highlight.

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Remove the hairs covered by the highlighter pencil with tweezers, and try not to stray from the designated path. For this step, less is definitely more. Never pluck the front half of your brow, which should line up with the bridge of your nose, or above your natural shape. "The front bridge should be a rectangle," Van Jones says. "You don't want to pinch the bridge in order to raise the arch, it makes the tail of the brow too thin."

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Once you've finished, blend the highlighter pencil with your finger.

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Use the spoolie on the opposite end of your brow brush to groom your natural shape, and to evenly distribute the brow powder.

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