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The Web puts answers to every conundrum at your fingertips, but do you really want to seek fashion and beauty counsel from whoever turns up at the top of the page? In a pioneering collaboration with Google, we quizzed the non-virtual pros for answers on the Internet’s most-searched style stumpers.

While conducting our research, we found that some of the most frequently googled hair questions have to do with hair growth (How fast does hair grow? What products will speed up the process?). While there’s no miracle formula to turn you into Rapunzel, a healthy scalp can maximize the growth potential of your hair, says Elizabeth Cunnane-Phillips, scalp specialist for hair clinic Philip Kingsley. “If you combine a nutritious diet with a stimulating hair-care routine and vitamin supplements, average hair growth is about half an inch per month,” she says. Plus, you’ll feel so healthy that you’ll stop obsessing over imaginary bald spots. Her top tips:

Eat Protein at Breakfast and Lunch Cunnane-Phillips suggests 4 to 6 ounces of meat, a 1/2 cup of egg whites, or a container of Greek yogurt. "Fueling your system early and often will ensure that enough nutrients are left over later in the day for tissue regeneration," she says.

Wash Hair Every Other Day Not washing enough can invite buildup that impedes growth. "The cleaner you keep the scalp, the healthier your hair will be."

Massage Your Scalp "Stimulation increases blood circulation at the follicles, which improves the hair's texture," says Cunnane-Phillips, who recommends using small circular motions to knead in a mineral-rich mask when you shower. Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask, $28;

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Be Smart About Supplements Vitamin deficiency can contribute to hair loss and shedding. If you experience these issues, or if you don't eat meat, be sure to take a daily multivitamin with 10 to 20 milligrams of zinc, 20 milligrams of iron, and 10 milligrams of B12 to balance out your diet.

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