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Nothing says summer quite like sweating profusely in record-breaking high temps. To help you beat the sweltering heat, we’ve pieced together a no-sweat survival guide that answers, explores, and solves every issue you might encounter this summer. Welcome to our Sweat Series.

Kim Peiffer
Jul 23, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

The hot summer sun may feel like heaven while you’re poolside, but when you’re hitting the pavement for an outdoor run, the last thing you want is to feel sticky and restricted in your workout clothes.

Which is why we love these breathable pieces so much. From moisture-wicking fabrics to mesh panels, these workout wearables will help you feel cool and calm during a summertime sweat session.


Victoria’s Secret sports bra, $33;


Lorna Jane tee, $60,


Seamless Thread thong, $26,


Victoria’s Secret shorts, $30,


Michi leggings, $175;

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