Moroccanoil Just Launched the Dry Shampoo of Your Dreams

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo
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The only thing we love more than a full, bouncy blowout? Being able to work said blowout for days on end with the help of a solid dry shampoo. Unfortunately, not all sprays are created equally, and some overly-chalky, heavy formulas fall short of our supermodel hair expectations. Enter Moroccanoil’s first-ever take on the product, which completely change the way we think about every dry shampoo altogether with a transparent, lightweight finish in two versions to flatter both light and dark hair hues. Because the dry shampoo for dark hair colors is formulated with ultra-fine rice starch, a few strategic spritzes will no longer leave you with a dusty afterglow, and the spray for lighter shades is infused with a soft violet undertone to mute out any brassiness around the root area.

As if the trademark scent wasn't enough to make us believers, we're also obsessed with how well the product actually absorbs oil, rather than acting as a Band-Aid that eventually causes major scalp buildup, and the UV filters shield your strands against any premature fading in the sun. Factor in the non-sticky texture that still allows you to run your fingers through your layers, and it's official---love at first mist is a real thing, and it's an affair for the ages. The Moroccanoil Dry Shampoos will arrive at salons in April, but you can pre-order a bottle right now at for $26! Considering the brand's cult following, we have a strong feeling they'll sell out fast.

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