This May Be the Craziest Hot Dog Ever

Unlikely Hot Dog Toppings - LEAD
Photo: DBGB/Instagram

Blue wine. Oreo bagels. Churro ice cream cones. Bone marrow doughnuts. Pizza boxes made out of an actual pizza. These are only a handful of the downright crazy frankenfoods thrown our way this year. Yet all of them pale in comparison to the DBGB Cool Dog. dog, we'll call it, was dreamed up by Nick Morgenstern—the creative genius behind N.Y.C.'s Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream—and renowned Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, owner of DBGB Kitchen and Bar. DBGB dubbed the Cool Dog a "frozen salute to the 4th of July" in a recent Instagram post:

The ice cream aspect is a crème anglaise gelato rolled into the shape of a hot dog, which is then topped with candied cabbage, berry ketchup, and spicy honey mustard. The whole mess is served on toasted brioche bun, and genuinely looks like a ballpark frank. Given the popularity of Morgenstern's recently debuted and equally innovative Coconut Ash flavor, we can only imagine that the DBGB Cool Dog will have folks lined up around the block. The limited-edition menu item will be available through July at Morgenstern's on the Lower East Side and DBGB Kitchen and Bar on Bowery.

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