More Than Just a Pretty Face: Get to Know TonyMoly's Ultra-Cute Beauty Offerings

Photo: Courtesy

Beauty products disguised as bunnies, fruit, and pandas? We’re not immune to the appeal of smart packaging, but TonyMoly’s offerings are by far the cutest to make their way across our desks.

Founded in South Korea back in 2006, the brand has been a staple abroad for years and finally made its way stateside thanks to stores like Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and some of our favorite Korean beauty e-tailers. Though the Hello Bunny Solid Perfume Bar ($14; and the Bbo Lip Balm ($9; boast a super-sweet exterior, the natural and eco-friendly formulations inside deliver major results all while living up to the brand's moniker, which translates as "nice and trendy."

The Prestige Snail Lip Treatment Balm ($12; is infused with snail "filtration," a fancy word meaning secretion, as in the trail snails leave behind. Even the biggest of beauty fanatics may flinch at the concept, but the snail slime has undeniable firming and moisturizing benefits that have been utilized for thousands of years, starting with the ancient Greeks. Other (less slimy) offerings include a panda-shaped cooling balm to depuff under eyes ($10;, bunny-shaped lip glosses packed with fruit extract and SPF 15 ($10 each;, and clever fruit-inspired lip balms ($8; that leave no mystery over the flavored formula inside.

As if the selling points weren't strong enough, the sticker prices of the product catalog range from $4 for a sheet mask to $54 for a snail slime-infused skincare duo, so you can afford to keep your makeup bag stocked and adorable.

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