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Now that another Thanksgiving is in the books, winter is officially upon us. We can expect sub-zero temperatures and extreme wind chills from December until at least February—OK, let's be honest, March. But that doesn't have to be as brutal as it sounds, especially when armed with the right gear to cold-proof your look. And what does every winter ensemble start and end with? A parka.

While the cold weather jacket is known more for its sleeping bag-like qualities than its sheer sex appeal, Canadian outerwear brand Moose Knuckles (yes, you read that right) is attempting to change that. Think: form-fitting silhouettes, luxe fox fur trims and hoods, and unexpected colors and materials, like denim and leather. The seven-year-old company recently launched in the U.S., and it's banking on its younger, cheekier clientele for its success. "Our brand is cooler than the other winter coats out there," says Ally Kemper, marketing director for Moose Knuckles. "There was a space missing between sex appeal and function, and we wanted to occupy that niche. You can have a really warm winter coat that is fashionable and figure-flattering."

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Credit: Courtesy Moose Knuckle

Moose Knuckles coats have already been spotted on It-girls like Olivia Palermo, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian, and Jaime King, proving Kemper's point that "your coat doesn't have to sacrifice style for six months out of the year." Palermo styled hers with zippered skinnies and over-the-knee boots (top), while King accessorized hers with a velvet scarf and leopard booties (above).

Now, for those who can’t get past the provocative name (stop Googling it!) Kemper insists that it has more to do with Canadian roots than anything else: “The logo is a moose footprint marked in the snow. End of story."