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It seems that Ryan Murphy and FX are on a mission to remind us all just how nasty the '90s really were. It was announced yesterday that an upcoming season of the network’s American Crime Story will profile the 1998 sex scandal heard ‘round the world, involving former POTUS Bill Clinton and then White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

If you’ll recall, the first installment of the lauded anthology series, The People v OJ Simpson, covered the infamous murder case that captivated the entire country in 1994, surrounding pro football player OJ Simpson and the brutal slayings of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ron Goldman. Murphy and FX clearly got the message that only truly sordid stories would satiate us sickos from now on, and you know what? We're here for the mess!

Even though there are reportedly two other installments of the series scheduled for production before this one even gets underway (a season about the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina and one about the 1997 murder of Gianni Versace ... we're shook!), we've already started imagining our dream cast of actors to play the key roles of Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. We fancy ourselves expert casting directors, so read on for our top picks—and sound off on whether or not you could see it!

The Role of Monica Lewinsky: Hailee Steinfeld, Ariel Winter, or Mae Whitman

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It will take more than dark hair and a doe-eyed stare to pull off this role, and we think any of these three ladies could play Lewinsky to a T.

The Role of Bill Clinton: Brad Pitt, Bryan Cranston, or Greg Kinnear.

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Bill, Bill, Bill. This charming devil will need to be played by someone who can capture how handsome and charismatic the former POTUS was, without downplaying how beguiling he could be. No shade!

The Role of Hillary Clinton: Kate McKinnon, Sarah Paulson, or Tea Leoni.

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We already know Murphy loves him some Sarah Paulson (and for good reason!), but throw a pair of shoulder pads on any of these badass chicks and you've got yourself a Hillary.

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