This Mom and Her Six Sons Donate 17 Feet of Their Hair to Charity

This brings new meaning to the trendy spring hair chop.

Rather than go to a hair salon or barber for a traditional mid-year cut, Phoebe Kannisto and her six (yes, six!) sons decided to take things up a notch and embark on a charitable mission together. They grew out their locks to donate it to charity, and when it was time for their haircuts, they had a lot of hair to give (we're talking several feet).

In before and after photos the mega-mom shared on Facebook, she and her kids can be seen showing off their chest-length hair in their local Hizair Hair Salon. In post-cut shots, she rocks a bob and her six kids sport short hairstyles.

Facebook Family Cuts Hair - LEAD
Facebook Family Cuts Hair - 1

"Today my SIX SONS and I donated our hair to Children With Hair Loss," Kannisto captioned the photo. "A grand total of 17 feet of hair donated! I am so proud of my boys. They have been picked on and teased by everyone from their peers, to grown adults, but they didn't let that stop them. They had a goal and stuck to it. They are such amazing role models to their little sister. She watched in awe. A very special thank you to Hizair Hair Salon in North Tonawanda for making this donation possible."

According to the Huffington Post, it took the family years to accomplish their goal. Kannisto's 10-year-old son Andre grew his hair out for a year, her 8-year-old identical twins grew their hair for almost two years, and her 5-year-old fraternal triplets grew their hair for five years.

Facebook Family Cuts Hair - 2

And it was a personal decision for all of them. "Three years ago, my friend lost her son to cancer," she told the site. "He was a twin and very close in age to my twins. On the first anniversary of his passing, my three oldest boys donated their hair in his memory. Since their donation two years ago, our lives have continued to be touched by cancer. It's everywhere. My boys want to help, and donating their hair is how they do it."

This mother of seven is nothing short of an inspirational super mom.

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