By Claire Stern
Updated: Oct 26, 2016 @ 5:36 pm

Molly Sims is one of those celebrities who isn't afraid to be refreshingly honest about her feelings—especially when it comes to motherhood. The model and mom of two (with a bun in the oven) showed us just how real she can get when dropped by InStyle HQ yesterday—in her third trimester!—to share the things no one ever tells you about pregnancy in a live broadcast on our Facebook pageHit play to watch the full video above, and read on for thirteen nuggets of wisdom that we gleaned from the Q&A. Nobody said it was going to be easy, ladies. 

1. When you sneeze, you almost pee in your pants.

2. You can't do a pedicure.

3. You can't bend over. 

4. If you're on an incline, and you're very pregnant, the [car] door keeps shutting and you can't get out of the car.

5. You can have carpal tunnel syndrome because you get so swollen that your fingers go numb.

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6. You're starving.

7. You're nauseous.

8. Everything takes effort: putting on tights, putting on shoes, or getting up off the ground. 

9. You're constantly uncomfortable. 

10. You have heartburn all of the time. You live on Zantac—yes, you can take it, but ask your doctor.

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11. You get good hair. Then it all falls out, but for nine months, you look really good. Everything else looks terrible.

12. You're addicted to undergarments.

13. At the end, you become obsessed with how you're going to lose the nine months of weight you just gained. The last two months become, How am I going to lose this?