Molly Sims - Lead
Credit: Courtesy of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc.

Despite her stunning features and fit physique, Molly Sims has body hang-ups like everybody else. Instead of falling into unrealistic beauty standards, the 42-year-old model and actress is refreshingly honest about her personal struggle to get back into shape after having her two children (see her adorable baby girl, Scarlett May, who just turned 6 months old).

When we caught up with the busy mom, she filled us in on everything from her post-baby fitness routine, her new partnership with CoolSculpting (a non-surgical procedure that removes unwanted body fat), along with the most valuable beauty advice she’s picked up over the years (including how to apply her makeup in three minutes flat!). See an excerpt from our chat with the star below, and prepare to love her even more.

You look amazing. Do you have post-baby diet or fitness tips you can share?

I’m trying. It’s so hard. I eat healthy, workout, but you know, it’s the second baby. You just have to keep moving. Whether it be hiking, walking—I literally found myself putting [my daughter] in a BabyBjörn and doing lunges in my office the other day and I’m like “Well, you weigh 17.5 pounds or so. I might as well use you.’ About a month ago, I did a three-day cleanse where I eliminated sugar for three days and that really helped with my cravings—and grapefruit Perrier because I hate water.

Tell us about your partnership with CoolSculpting. How has the treatment helped you get back in shape?

I gained 85 pounds with my first pregnancy. I had a thyroid issue and it wasn’t diagnosed until after four months, but I still had to lose the 85 pounds. It took me a year. I went to my derm and I asked her, ‘Is there anything I can do? I cannot get this pooch off my stomach, no matter how many sit-ups or how much I diet.’ She told me to try CoolSculpting and I did it and it worked. I had a great experience. I talked about it in my book.

What makes it a good option for busy moms?

It’s non-evasive and most importantly, it’s FDA cleared and you don’t have to go under. For me, I’m not going to go under for a little bit of belly fat. If it’s something I can do in an hour in a doctor’s office, bring it on.

How has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mother?

It’s very quick. I can do it in the car with one hand and no mirror. My showers were ten minutes and now they’re three. I wear a great tinted moisturizer; I do a cream blush cheek and a gloss. I curl my lashes and do a coat of mascara, and that’s kind of my 3-minute version. I want to look good, but really it’s quite quick. It’s about having a really good concealer for when you don’t sleep.

What’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve picked up over the years?

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, even if you have acne. I just tried this new product called Black Rose Oil from Sisley ($235; and it’s awesome. My skin isn’t hydrated enough and I can really tell when I haven’t had enough water. But really stay moisturized—that’s the key to keeping your skin dewy and also to not show your wrinkles as much.

Any modeling tricks you can teach us?

Cream or white eyeliner inside the eye—it makes your eyes look bigger. Don’t do HD powder because you’ll look like a raccoon if you don’t know how to use it. Watch your shimmer, ‘cause you’re going to look like disco ball. Curl, curl, curl your lashes. Take whatever clear lip gloss you’re wearing and put it on the eyes. Just keep it dewy, fresh and natural.