Someone Help Molly Ringwald Find Her Pretty in Pink Prom Dress

Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink
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Every woman has the one dress that got away. And for Molly Ringwald, it's that puffy-sleeved polka dot prom dress she wore as eternal outsider and high school senior Andie Walsh in the ’80s cult classic Pretty in Pink.

“I kept all of the costumes from that film—except for the prom dress,” the actress and singer told InStyle when we caught up with her in N.Y.C. at Chico’s #HowBoldAreYou campaign celebration. “Back then I hated it so much, but now, it’s the one thing from all of my films that I would love to have."

Molly Ringwald - Embed
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Ringwald says that even though the movie’s costume designer, Marilyn Vance, had three versions of the same high-necked creation made, she’s not sure where they all ended up over the last 30 years. But she wishes she knew. “I’d love to see that dress again!”

The other wardrobe pieces that she snagged from the set are tucked away in boxes, except for one special clutch that earned a spot in the actress’s personal closet.

“There was this little pink bag with a little wave pattern on it that I carried in one of the scenes and I always loved it, so I still keep it out,” Ringwald said. “Just recently, my daughter was going somewhere and I let her borrow it—she was very excited about that.”

So does passing down Andie Walsh’s bag make Ringwald nostalgic for a Pretty in Pink remake?

“No! Never! I wouldn’t want The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles re-made either,” she confessed. “I feel like those movies were so perfect for the time. I would love it if someone made a movie that was inspired by one of those films, but they’d have to adapt it for today. Life has changed.”

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