By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jun 07, 2015 @ 12:15 pm
Modcloth Campaign - Lead
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While we love a fabulous model who knows how to work the clothes, sometimes it's great to step back and have a reality check. Apparently online retailer ModCloth was on the same wavelength.

"The goal is to put more focus on role models instead of fashion models," said a company spokesperson of its upcoming Independence Day campaign. The retailer is featuring three independent and powerful young women.

Emily V. Gordon is a multitalented writer, producer, and podcaster whose focus is on promoting feminism and positive body images. Brittany Gibbons recently released Fat Girl Walking an uplifting book about being comfortable in your skin, and Micki Krimmel founded Superfit Hero an activewear brand that represents more body shapes than the average sportswear line. Check out more inspiring pictures of the awesome women in ModCloth below and be sure to visit ModCloth's site for more.

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