Credit: Twitter /Miss Universe

No pageant makeup or over-coiffed updos here—ahead of Sunday's Miss Universe competition, contestants decided to bare it all on Twitter, and no, we're not making a reference to the swimsuit category. Earlier this week, reigning Miss Universe Paulina Vega took over the pageant's Twitter account to post a no-makeup selfie, immediately sparking a social trend among this year's contestants. "Every #MissUniverse is #ConfidentlyBeautiful," Vega writes. "Are You? Show us your no-makeup selfies with #ConfidentlyBeautiful." And like that, the #ConfidentlyBeautiful hashtag became populated with bare-faced photos spanning the globe. In an industry where caked-on makeup is considered the norm, we're all about this movement, not to mention the impactful message behind it. Check out even more of the contestants' no-makeup selfies below!