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Talk about #GirlPower! Last night, two of the most recognized women in the world came together under one roof at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City: Gloria Steinem and Miss Piggy. The occasion? Our favorite ultra-glam Muppet—who had a hair and outfit change during the evening, naturally—was presented with the Sackler Center First Award, a trophy honoring the icon for her trailblazing feminist ways.

After Miss Piggy accepted her award, the audience watched a video retrospective of the blonde bombshell’s career, spanning from the 1970s through today. And the actress’s best film and TV moments weren’t the only major highlights on display. On stage, there was a giant photo from the diva’s November 2011 InStyle fashion feature, showing off her ever-fabulous and unique style, no matter the decade.

After the hilarious Muppet took the audience on a trip down memory lane, she and Steinem engaged in a lively discussion. In the no-holds-barred conversation, the duo chatted about everything from Miss Piggy’s relationship with Kermit the Frog to what it’s like to be a woman—and farm animal—in Hollywood. Here are 7 things Miss Piggy told Gloria Steinem that make us love her even more.

1. She has no plans to go from “Miss Piggy” to “Ms. Piggy” anytime soon.

“I have nothing against Ms.—I love it! … But changing your name is just impossible, really … Actually, I would prefer if people just called me ‘Your Highness’ or ‘Your Majesty.’ I’m already so invested, it just wouldn’t make any sense.”

2. Just like everyone else, she has her secrets.
“Oh, secrets, okay … Well, I did grow up on a farm. But I don’t really want to talk about that. At least not until somebody buys the publishing rights …You know I also I had some difficult years here in New York … [I did some] work for a company that I may have found out sold pork products. I had no idea … Believe me, I would never have done that.”

3. She finds it tricky to be a woman in Hollywood.
"[The hardest part is] having to compete against other women."

4. But she finds it even harder to be a pig among the Hollywood crowd.
“The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, you know the ones who give out the Oscar … they have yet to recognize not just pigs, but any farm animals in any category for Oscars. If you were wondering, that is why I don’t have an Oscar, all right?"

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5. She’s happy to be independent, but she takes full credit for the success of her main squeeze, Kermit.
“I think we all know the truth ... That he wouldn’t be here or anywhere without me … If I wanted to be married to Kermit, I would be—that’s right. And if I don’t want to be married to him, I won’t. I mean, he hasn’t asked me to marry him yet, but that’s besides the point.”

6. She believes that those who are lucky enough to work with her have a fabulous time doing so.
“[Working with me is ] wonderful. Absolutely. I mean, I try to treat everyone exactly the way they are contractually obligated to treat me.”

7. And most of all, she encourages others to live their dreams.
“It all starts with believing in yourself. If you believe in yourself, [then finally] everyone else sees it.”