Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Miranda Priestly continues to be one of the many reasons why 2006’s Devil Wears Prada will forever be a favorite film.

She’s fierce. She’s badass. She’s completely in charge. And though we did witness tiny moments of weakness—remember when she cries over her divorce to Anne Hathaway’s Andy?—she keeps her icy, put-together persona through the very end, when she turns to the camera and says, “Everybody wants to be us.” So chic! The drama! How fab! How cold!

Thanks to a newly surfaced deleted scene, however, your perspective on the untouchable character is completely about to change. Buzzfeed writer Spencer Althouse took to Twitter to change our lives—and here's how.

Remember when Andy heads to “THE BENEFIT” to support Miranda, despite the fact that it was her boyfriend Nate’s (Adrian Grenier) birthday? Emily (portrayed by Emily Blunt) is suffering from a cold she described as the plague, and the two were tasked with memorizing the names of every single guest at the gala.

Well, in this deleted scene, Miranda offers Andy a “THANK YOU.” Yes, you read that right. The editor actually shows some compassion and expresses outright gratitude to her second assistant.

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Basically, Miranda’s husband totally embarrasses her in front of Irv Ravitz, Miranda’s boss, and Andy jumps in to distract him and save the day. We also see a different side of Emily too, when she offers to hold down the fort at the benefit to let Andy get to Nate’s birthday party. Insane!

Watch the full clip here:

Mind blowing, right?