Miranda Kerr Reebok
Credit: Courtesy Photo

These days, you can't turn your head without seeing Miranda Kerr. After unceremoniously hanging up her wings as a Victoria's Secret Angel, the Aussie model has kept busy fronting a slew of high-profile spring ad campaigns, including that of Mango, H&M, Wonderbra, and, most recently, Reebok. Given her enviable figure, her latest ambassadorship comes as no surprise. In a steamy new commercial for the sportswear brand's new Skyscape collection, Kerr returns home from a workout and heads upstairs in her perfect-looking townhouse, stripping down layers of clothing as she ascends, until she arrives in the shower completely naked (well, almost). In a cute "whoopsy" moment, she realizes that she has forgotten to take off her sneakers. The implication is that they're so comfortable, she forgot she was showering in them. Funnily enough, she could have doused them in water, and they would have remained in tiptop shape: Reebok's new kicks are not only lightweight and flexible (you can literally bend them in half and nothing will happen), but they're machine washable too. We caught up with the model-of-the-moment at the Skyscape collection launch at Reebok's Fithub store on the Upper East Side in NYC, and, after working out alongside her in a Ballet Beautiful class, picked her brain about her own fitness regime. Check out the Q&A!

What’s your go-to workout?

My favorite is doing a combination of yoga and Pilates—resistance training and focusing on specific areas. I’ve been working on lifting my butt. I’m getting more of a booty! There's more muscle up there!

What other parts of your body are you working on right now?

The legs and the thighs. I’m tightening them up for summer.

How much time do you devote to exercise each day?

I try to do something for at least 15 to 20 minutes, and just work it into whatever I’m doing—but I like a good hour-long workout too. I do 45 minutes to one hour at least four times a week.

Do you have a favorite yoga move?

I love twisting. It’s detoxifying.

What do you listen to when you exercise?

My workout mix is quite eclectic—it’s everything from Chopin to Dr. Dre. Billie Holiday will sometimes pop up on there.