Miranda Kerr Dishes on Her First Collection for Swarovski: "I Wanted These Pieces to Be Timeless"

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Miranda Kerr has been the face of Swarovski since 2013, and now she's getting more hands-on behind the scenes. The model just designed her first collection for the jewelry brand, incorporating symbols and shapes that she finds meaningful into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for a just-launched holiday collection that ranges from $69 to $299. And even though it's meant for the holidays, the line is available now on swarovski.com and in stores—meaning that you can get an early start on gift shopping this year (#goals). Kerr chatted about the collection with InStyle earlier this week, telling us why she took on the "passion project," what the symbols represent, and her son's favorite piece.

"I wanted the jewelry to feel personal and have meaning behind it," Kerr said. And that meant keeping away from anything too trendy. "I wanted these pieces to be timeless," she added. "I was very specific with picking the shapes and stones, and each metal symbol has an intention behind it."

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For example, the above Duo Pendant Wing necklace ($89) "looks so graceful with little wings that represent going forward with freedom and strength," said Kerr. Plus, "it's a beautiful purple, and the way it hits the light just felt kind of angelic to me." While that necklace makes a more delicate statement, other pieces like the below "joy-inspired" Duo Star Bracelet ($149) are bolder. "The star represents letting your light shine, just like a star shining bright in the sky," the Aussie model said. That design is especially meaningful to Kerr, because it makes her think of her 4-year-old son, Flynn. "He's quite an example of radiating his own light and individuality from within," she explained.

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Apparently, Flynn already has jewelry preferences. Mom may dig the star, but he's actually a bigger fan of the collection's Duo Evil Eye Pendant ($89). "He quite likes the evil eye—he's very drawn to it," Kerr said, adding that she's partial to the piece as well. It's only one of many pieces in the collection to feature shades of blue, she pointed out. "I feel like it's just such a peaceful color. It promotes relaxation and calmness."

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While she definitely stuck to a few key colors when it came to the stones, Kerr likes to switch things up when it comes to the chains. "My grandma always told my mom that it's good luck to mix metal colors, and that's something that's really stuck with me," she shared. Especially with Kerr's effortless street style, of course, she made combining metals a no-brainer. "We made the chains super fine so that you can layer necklaces together, and they're also adjustable so you can connect them and adjust the length," Kerr said. "Sometimes I connect three of them together to make one chain, and then I wear it as one really long necklace."

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