Miranda Kerr’s Holiday Party Beauty Regimen, Revealed

Miranda Kerr
Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

When Miranda Kerr gets ready for a holiday party, there’s one thing she never leaves behind: “A red lip,” the model recently told InStyle. But while Kerr goes bold with her pout, she prefers to keep the rest of her beauty look simple. “I just like an illuminator around the eyes and brow bone,” she said.

A rouge lipstick isn’t Kerr’s only beauty must-have during the colder months, though. She always has products from her skincare line, KORA Organics, on hand to keep her looking fresh. “It doesn’t just nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals that make your skin glow, but it also detoxifies your skin from things that we live with every day, like pollution,” said Kerr. “So it’s really replenishing your skin.”

For Kerr, it’s less about how her skin looks and more about overall wellness. “Healthy skin is beautiful skin,” she said. “These products are all about ensuring that the person using them gets the nutrients they need on their skin.” And Kerr has taken a hands-on approach to the line. “I’ve worked on ingredients with the lab to create these products,” she said. ”This line has really been my passion and my baby.” Her go-to products from the collection? “I’m obsessed with the AHA Exfoliator and the anti-aging oil,” she said.

Kerr also swears by another oil when it comes to her getting-ready routine, one that she opts for instead of spritzing on a fragrant perfume. “I’m more of an essential oil girl,” she said. “I actually developed this Heart Chakra Essence, which is a natural aromatherapy oil that you put on your pulse points and your heart. It’s really uplifting from an aromatherapy point of view.”

Plus, the scent will keep you cozy. “It has notes of rose and sandalwood, and from the aromatherapy side, it’s like getting a big hug,” said Kerr, adding that “it smells incredible.” And, according to Kerr, the roll-on oil can even help reduce anxiety—holiday-induced or otherwise. “It’s very good if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out,” she said. “It’s probably one of my favorite products.”

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