Miranda Kerr has the sexy supermodel thing down, but her newest ad campaign asks her to play a very different role: pee wee football coach. In a new Buick ad for the Super Bowl (above), Kerr plays a coach that gets transformed into a supermodel and stars alongside NFL quarterback Cam Newton.

While she's known as a model now, she did have one experience on the football field as a child that had her feeling like she was on a movie set. "I played this game in Australia, it’s called touch football. I remember when I was running with the ball, going to get a goal, and as I was running to put the ball down to get the goal, my shoe came flying off," she told InStyle.

"It felt like a movie because it felt like everything was slow motion. I made it. I made the touchdown. It was hilarious that my shoe had to come off in the meantime."

Credit: Courtesy of Buick

But nowadays, Kerr is safely on the sidelines. This year, she'll be rooting for the New England Patriots from home, surrounded by good eats. "I’m going to be cooking and entertaining with a bunch of friends, so that’s going to be fun. I was thinking about making little beef sliders and maybe nachos and guacamole," she told us.

Her 6-year-old son Flynn will definitely be watching too. "This will probably be the first game that he will understand," she said. "He's not necessarily ready to really play football, but I'm sure he'll appreciate it."

Credit: Courtesy of Buick

Kerr, for one, appreciated the opportunity to star in one of the year's much-anticipated TV spots. "Doing this commercial is something extra special because everybody watches the game so everybody watches the commercials and the commercials are known all over the world, so it's really great to be a part of that," she says in a behind-the-scenes clip, where she dances around with Carolina Panthers player Newton.

Credit: Courtesy of Buick

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes at Buick's Super Bowl Commercial


Prepping for the big game has never looked so fun.