Minka Kelly
Credit: Kravitz/FilmMagic

We caught up with Minka Kelly at a Television Critics Association event this week, where the actress gave us the inside scoop on her Charlie's Angels wardrobe! "The three of us are dressed very differently. My character, Eve, is the least girlie of the three. I was excited to just really get into the tomboy aspect of it," Kelly said. "In the Charles Townsend agency we have to dress it up. Because I'm the new Angel I have to get into dressing a little bit nicer as opposed to just combat boots and cargo pants all the time." Eve may be the most casual Angel, but she still loves her designer labels! "I get to wear beautiful dresses and Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and beautiful shoes. It's really fun," Kelly told us. The series premieres Thursday, September 22nd on ABC. Click through the gallery to see style snapshots from the Charlie's Angels set!MORE: Meet the New Charlie's Angels!

Caitlin Petreycik with reporting by Scott Huver