By Meredith Lepore
Nov 12, 2015 @ 2:15 pm
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Jordin Althaus/Universal Television

After sporting mostly pajamas and scrubs in the last episode of The Mindy Project, it was great to see Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) dressing to the nines again. In fact, she pulled out the big guns in order to get her son Leo into a very prestigious New York preschool. To try to play up her diversity, Mindy wore some gorgeous Indian saris, all from Frontier Heritage, complete with beautiful head jewelry throughout the episode. 

The show's costume designer Salvador Perez told InStyle, "After a few episodes of really casual outfits, it was fun to see her dressed up. And we really love dressing her in saris." Perez noted that Kaling hadn't worn a sari in years; but after accompanying him to go look at them in the store, she bought three. Kaling's mother wore them all the time so they held a lot of sentimentality for her, he said. "The colors [of these saris] are really embellished and one of a kind." She also wore a lovely yellow kurta tunic at the end of the episode. "I love doing yellow on her," he added. 

Jordin Althaus/Universal Television

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In addition to the gorgeous yellow and blue saris, which she paired with the turquoise and tweed coat from Perez's Mindy-inspired coat collection on, she had some other great outfits in the episode.

Jordin Althaus/Universal Television

In the opening scene at the baby playgroup, Mindy had on a reversible vest on from Tory Sport. Perez says we can expect to see Mindy in this line throughout the season. She wore it over a Bella Freud star-studded sweater

Jordin Althaus/Universal Television

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For a day at the office she wore a light blue J.Crew sweater shell over an Equipment blouse and a Risto skirt, topping it off with a Perez coat. Later in the episode during her fake date, Mindy wore a sparkly KaufmanFranco cocktail dress with batwing sleeves that Perez topped with a Karen Millen black cape to complete the look.

And we mustn't forget baby Leo's adorable Andy & Evan Shirtzie (complete with faux suspenders!), a look favored by mom to make him look smarter. We're not sure about smart, but definitely super cute!