Mindy Kaling’s hilarious TV show The Mindy Project sadly came to an end, but her fans can find solace in the fact that she already has a new series in the works—and it includes a lot of The Mindy Project’s cast. Kaling introduced the first trailer for Champions on Instagram Wednesday, and we’re already marking our calendars for its premiere.

The new mom acts as both an executive producer and a star, appearing as a character named Priya, whose teenage son Michael (a musical theater enthusiast) dreams of going to New York. Priya takes her son to Brooklyn to meet his dad for the very first time, and he’s introduced to Vince (Anders Holm), the owner of Champions gym in Brooklyn.

If you’re getting Mindy Project flashbacks already, it’s because Holm played one of Kaling’s love interests named Casey on the hit series. Taking the connection even further, Fortune Feimster (who played Colette Kimball-Kinney) also stars in the new show.

It seems that Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project’s beloved Morgan) even wanted in on the new series. “Even though you refused to make Morgan a central character on this show (despite me asking multiple times) I have to say the trailer is hilarious and I cannot wait to watch it,” he joked on Kaling’s Instagram.

Watch the trailer above, and mark your calendars for Champions to premiere March 8 on NBC.