Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project's Season 4 Style: Expect "Daring" Maternity Fashion

Mindy Kailing
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Fans are in for a treat when it comes to the new developments on The Mindy Project’s season 4, and we’re not just talking about Mindy’s pregnancy. Mindy Kaling gave InStyle the scoop on just that during a set visit Friday, telling us she hopes fans’ “jaws will drop” when Hulu releases the first episode of the season Sept. 15, where they’ll see a major change in Mindy and Danny’s relationship. “The characters are so different from each other and they’re so stubborn that, to me, what seems romantic on our show is that they can stretch to see the other person’s point of view, and by the end of the episode, through their different experiences they had,” she added.

“That just sort of seemed like a nice reward for Mindy, kind of what you do in a premiere,” she continued. “I’m so excited for people to see it. I feel like we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting.” Kaling, who rocked three different pieces together (at top) for the visit—an Etro yellow and black top, patterned Red Valentino sweater vest and a sequined skirt—said the show’s costume designer Salvador Pérez helped her mix the prints, adding that “part of the fun of the show is having Mindy be very daring.”

Particularly when it comes to Mindy’s maternity wear on the show, which Pérez doesn’t ever want to look like typical maternity gear. “I think the thought was Mindy-mom was going to be a lot more casual, but Mindy-mom is a lot more fabulous and so we’re really heightened,” he told us. “I’m really doing a lot more custom-made this year.”

Kaling echoed those sentiments, saying, “when Sal got the storyline, he almost looked at [the pregnancy] as a challenge … so, I wear a lot of custom pieces. A lot of times it was just re-cutting clothes that weren’t maternity, and finding different ways to make it work for tailoring. I was amazed at how chic Mindy was in her pregnancy.”

Don’t forget to tune in to see all of the fashion in store and the new developments when the show kicks off Tuesday. In the meantime, show your love for Kaling, who's up for two fan-related categories in InStyle's Social Media Awards: Always There for the Fans and Makes Us Feel Beautiful, by heading to instyle.com/sma to vote!

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