Mindy Kaling gave birth less than a week ago, and she's already proving that she's a super mom. Despite her daughter Katherine Kaling being only days old, The Mindy Project star and creator is hosting her annual holiday dinner for the women she works with.

While she's not cooking this year because, you know, she's "had a busy week," she's still having the Nora Ephron-themed dinner at her house, so she gets major points.

Kaling took to Instagram to share the very creative menu (would we expect anything from less from the women who helped give us The Mindy Project?).

"I usually do a holiday dinner with the young women that work with me but I’ve had a busy week! So they brought the holiday dinner to me. It’s a You’ve Got Mail Norah Ephron-themed holiday dinner, cooked and orchestrated by @asekar95 and @yo_its_hmo and it’s happening TONIGHT at my house. Look at this menu! Look at these Nora Ephron deep cuts! (Maybe for dessert we will have coffee... Patricia? Patricia’s amazing. Patricia makes coffee nervous.)"

On "You've Got Mail" holiday dinner menu is everything from "High Maintenance Truffle Cauliflower Soup" to "Dark Side Chicken: Coq Au Vin" and "Nora Ephron's Spiced Apple Cider."

Sounds like the perfect holiday dinner for the new mom.