Mindy Kaling Says She Cried 3 Times Watching Her New Film, Inside Out

Mindy Kaling
Photo: Bjarne Jonasson

Mindy Kaling is making the jump from live-action to animated this Friday when her new film, Inside Out, premieres in theaters. The flick, which also features Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, and Phyllis Smith, centers around 11-year-old Riley and her internal emotions—Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. The emotions live in Riley's mind and guide her through her everday life.

In the movie, Kaling, who is InStyle's June cover girl, voices Disgust. "They called me to be Disgust, and I was like, 'Well, what does that mean?' She's just very protective and disdainful of anything that the girl sees and wants to do," Kaling tells InStyle. As it turns out, voicing an animated character is something that's been on the Mindy Project actress's mind for quite some time. "I've always wanted to do voice-over stuff since I was young," she says.

Luckily, the ideal role came around for her. "This movie is absolutely the perfect choice for me because it takes place inside the mind of an adolescent girl, and the characters are the emotions I have always had. I saw the film with the rest of the cast two weeks ago. It's so beautiful and funny, and I'm very hard on things. I cried, like, three times. I am really excited about it."

For more stories like this, pick up the latest issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now, and don't forget to catch Inside Out when it hits theaters on June 19.

Watch a trailer for the film here:

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