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Nov 05, 2012 @ 3:30 pm

"I'm presenting an award to Jessica Alba tonight, and I'm extremely nervous about it," Mindy Kaling confided to at the Baby2Baby gala this weekend, which celebrated the non-profit's mission providing essential baby gear to children in the L.A. area. After a little liquid courage, the Max Mara-dressed star of FOX's The Mindy Project went behind the microphone and delivered a humorous speech of why she really loves the actress and activist before honoring her with the Giving Tree award. We’ve pasted the highlights below:

“If I looked like Jessica Alba, I would not give a crap about clean living. Like, I would not recycle. I would just drop trash on the street and just be like ‘Deal with it.’ I would let other people pick it up. Her husband is so handsome that his name is Cash Warren. They don’t give out names like that unless you are a Nascar driver or the star of CW show, or really handsome. What ethnicity are you even? I don’t know, don’t even tell me because I don’t want to know, I just want to spend time thinking about it.”Too, too funny! Click below to see more photos from this week's biggest bashes.

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— Kwala Mandel

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