Mindy Kaling adores her fans, but a handful of them have taken to a dramatic way of expressing their love for her.

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, the Mindy Project creator discussed a clothing trend among her followers, which the talk show host touted as a potential Father's Day gift idea. "Do you know that you're the subject of a popular T-shirt?" Jimmy Kimmel explained. "And the T-shirt says, 'If I die, tell Mindy Kaling I love her.'"

"Obviously, I'm very flattered. I wish that these young women who are wearing them could be a fan of mine without the specter of death involved in it. I think that would be nice," Kaling said of the tees' unique message. "I love it—it's just very morbid."

"I think it's this whole Fault in Our Stars [effect]," she mused. "There are all these books with young people dying—this Romeo and Juliet thing of 'I don't want to live past 16' or whatever. I just want to be like, 'Hey, chill. You can grow old and be my fan. It's fine—don't think you have to perish. I get it."

Along with sharing her thoughts on the fan-made graphic tees (watch it above), the actress also took part in a funny after-school-special sketch called "The Girl Who Couldn't Spell," supposedly from her pre-Office days as an actress.

Watch the special above and catch Kaling in a new episode of The Mindy Project every Tuesday on Hulu.