Mindy Kaling Dishes on the Future of The Mindy Project—Expect Serious Mommy Fashion!

"The Mindy Project" Costume Design Event For Members Of The Academy Of Television, Arts & Sciences
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Changes are a comin’ to The Mindy Project! We caught up with Mindy Kaling and the show’s costume designer, Salvador Perez, before their Q&A session at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills yesterday to get the scoop on their big move to Hulu, the show’s fashion future, and—spoiler alert!—a potential new BFF for Dr. Mindy Lahiri.

For starters, although moving the show from broadcast to streaming means no more network restrictions, our June cover girl assured us that the writers aren’t running wild with their new freedom. The Mindy Project that you loved on Fox will still be the same show that you'll love on Hulu, she said. “We want [our viewers] to come watch us on Hulu and come to the show that they've grown to love and not to some new show that they don’t understand because we went off the wall with no restrictions,” Kaling told InStyle. “We're restraining ourselves because we still think that that is the best way to tell the stories.”

Kaling also revealed that the move to Hulu will not affect the featured style on the show. “The wonderful thing about this [move] is that a lot is changing but our budgets are not changing, especially not for the clothes,” she reassured. But watch out for a major twist in the plot! “You know Mindy is now pregnant but it's barely affected her wardrobe," Kaling shared. "Sal did not put me in any maternity clothes but I think it's going to be interesting with her as a mom, her clothing style is going to change a little bit I think."

Perez also dished out some exciting secrets about Mindy’s future mommy style, promising InStyle that her fashion will still be on point. “She's going to be the most hip and fabulous mom ever. Think: baller wife. But she’s also a mom now and that changes things…I'm now having to think about what coordinates with spit up,” Perez said, laughing. “There is also going to be the transition of how she spends her time because she used to spend all of her time coordinating her own outfits and now she has a baby.”

Busy schedule notwithstanding, Perez went on to reveal that Mindy’s future son is going to follow in his mother’s fashion. “Think: the hip, male version of North West," he said. "To be honest I would've preferred a little girl but that little boy is going to be fabulous…there is going to be a lot of rhinestones and lot of color.” In addition to having a new baby boy, Mindy Lahiri may also be gaining a new best girl friend! “I love acting with women so it would be great to have a girl friend [on the show]…I think that her being a mom might bring in people we haven't seen before, so who knows,” Kaling revealed. While Hulu hasn’t announced a premiere date for the upcoming fourth season of The Mindy Project yet, we already know we’ll be tuning in! Want more Kaling? Get more in-depth details on her fashion from her stylist Perez!

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