If you want to catch baby fever in approximately 0.05 seconds, take a look at a baby dressed in a Halloween onesie. It doesn't really matter what they're costumed as (we had a baby bumblebee and baby goat in the InStyle offices yesterday), or if, like True Thompson, they go as every barnyard animal imaginable — they collectively win Halloween every year.

A new baby contributing to the cuteness? Mindy Kaling's 10-month-old daughter Katherine. In a surprise move, Kaling posted a picture of herself and her baby girl in honor of Halloween, despite the fact that she rarely (if ever) publicly shares images of Katherine, likely to protect her privacy.

Kaling dressed as a mustard bottle, while her daughter was the cutest little lion cub in a combo that may or may not reference a famous Rugrats episode where Tommy gets mustard on his stuffed lion.

While Kaling was willing to share her family moment with the world, that didn't mean she was willing to broadcast her child's face all over the place. Her Instagram is strategically snapped so that we only see Katherine's back.

Don't let the partial photo annoy you though. It's commendable that Kaling is careful of her daughter's privacy, because let's face it, some things are better left personal. And nobody can be too mad — it's clearly still an adorable pic.

Because really, what goes better together than lions and mustard?