Get All of the Details on Mindy Kaling's Custom-Made Dress from The Mindy Project Season Finale

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Season 4 of The Mindy Project was filled with all kinds of great fashion, but one style moment stood out above the rest. In the season finale, now streaming on Hulu, Mindy Kaling looks radiant in a custom-made yellow dress and floral coat, and we have all the details—and stunning illustrations of the looks—from the show’s costume designer, Salvador Perez.

“Mindy told me she would be in one outfit for most of the finale, and it had to do a lot of things,” he told InStyle. “I decided to go with yellow as it was summer and it's such a great color on Mindy, and it's hard to find yellow dresses. Then we needed a coat to go with it, and we wanted it to match but not be a set.”

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Aasha Ramdeen

“I found that lavish heavy-weight silk floral at Mood Fabrics in L.A., and finished it off with crystal buttons,” he said. “At the end of the season, we had the time to make it very delicately and it’s got these beautiful details on the cuffs. It’s a work of art, and so we end the season on one of my favorite outfits ever.”

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As for that pink patent leather Chanel bag on her arm, it turns out it’s straight from Kaling’s personal collection. Perez topped off the look with a pair of Kate Spade patent leather shoes with crystals, the perfect complement to the embellished coat.

So how did the show’s star feel about her finale look? She wants dozens more just like it. “Mindy loved that her outfit was custom-made, and now wants custom clothes for every episode. I told her she can have one per episode next season,” he joked.

"We have brought the level of fashion and couture up every year for four seasons, so it's a little daunting to have to top ourselves for Season 5!” We’ll have to wait to see what Perez comes up with next when The Mindy Project returns to Hulu on Oct. 5

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