This Is Us gave us a melancholic holiday season send-off last November when it served up its mid-season finale with a side of OH MY WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Jack’s brother Nick, who we were previously told died in Vietnam, appears to be alive and well and sorting his mail somewhere in Pennsylvania.

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Credit: NBC

However, in the final flashback to Vietnam, we see Jack desperately swimming toward something presumably Nick-related. In my mind there are two options: 1) Nick faked his death, or 2) He did something so unforgivable that Jack wrote him off completely.

According to the Pearson patriarch himself, Milo Ventimiglia, whatever Jack is swimming toward is probably “not too good.”

Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us Lead
Credit: NBC

Speaking to expectations for the mid-season premiere, Ventimiglia told InStyle, “I think we can expect to find out what Jack is swimming towards. And that probably it’s not too good, considering that Nicky is still alive but he wasn’t involved in Jack’s life beyond the war, so it’s going to be interesting to see what the audience think of what happened in Vietnam and moving forward in Jack’s life.”

And in general, how unforgiving will the second season be? How should we prepare for our viewing party — are we talking pre-packaged tissue squares or a Kleenex Costco order?

“I think people still haven’t completely recovered from Jack’s death,” Milo observes (correctly). “I will say that people should always prepare themselves. I think that it’s less preparation of loss and more preparation of understanding this man that we’ve grown to love a little bit deeper.”

So … Prime Pantry 8-pack then?