By Jonathan Borge
Updated Sep 26, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

Truthfully, I never knew who Milo Ventimiglia was until I saw him on several trailers for the first season of This Is Us—shirtless. 'Damn!' I thought. 'Who’s that super hunky hunk with the beard next to Mandy Moore?'

Turns out the 40-year-old actor is, first of all, 40, not, like, mid-to-late twenties. And before his turn on This Is Us, which returns for a second season tonight at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, he starred in Gilmore Girl (among others). He also recently teamed up with Timex to celebrate the watch brand’s Fall 2017 collection, and man, does the guy know how to wear a timepiece.

We caught up with the actor at the collection preview, where ​​​​he barged into the event dressed in a Canadian tuxedo. Instead of asking him what to expect on his Emmy-lauded hit show tonight, I couldn't help but ask exactly what was on my mind:

“Are you aware people think you’re so hot on ‘This Is Us?’” At that, he laughed and offered a gentlemanly and humble response. “Have I been aware? I haven’t been aware of that. That is very kind, though,” he said.

“But they gotta know that they’re putting makeup on me, they’re putting my clothes on me, they’re doing my hair, and so it’s all an image," Ventimiglia continued, slightly embarrassed.

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As for how he maintains his toned physique, it’s simple: “I try and keep regular at the gym, more active as a human being. Sometimes I choose to walk up staircases instead of using an escalator even.”

There you have it.