By Alicia Brunker
Updated Jan 13, 2019 @ 4:15 pm

Millie Bobby Brown is not your average 14-year-old. She has a lead role on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, counts rapper Drake as one of her close friends, and even takes a stance against important issues like gun violence.

The young teen seems pretty mature for her age. But recently, critics were quick to shame the star for her adult-like fashion sense. When posting a picture of herself on social media rocking a body-hugging snakeskin dress with strappy stilettos, Brown invited her followers to "write a caption."

Instead, commenters saw the actress's request as an opportunity to tell her to embrace her youth. “Don’t be in such a hurry to grow – enjoy being a kid cause it doesn’t last long," one user wrote. Meanwhile, another said, "Milly is my baby but im not feeling this outfit at all not appropriate for her age."

However, some fans came to Brown's defense, with one writing: "Growing up is about playing dress up and having fun and that looks to be what is happening here!!"

Millie had her own words for the haters. "ik everyone on my last pic wants me to ‘act my age’ but quite frankly its my instagram and if I choose to post that picture and you don’t like it… scroll past it,” she wrote in a since-deleted Instagram Story.


She then replaced the previous message with another note that read: "If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in.”

She makes a fair point, if you ask us!