Millie Bobby Brown - Lead
Credit: David Livingston/Getty

There's nothing strange about Millie Bobby Brown's singing ability. The Stranger Things star—who plays Eleven on the hit Netflix series—recently showed off her seriously impressive pipes at, of all places, a Starbucks drive-through window.

In a video she shared to Twitter, Brown, 12, leans over her father from the passenger seat to give her order. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until she opens her mouth and belts it out to the tune of "Hello" by Adele.

"Can I have a venti latte? And a caramel frappuccino? Oh, please," the young Brit sings into the mic. Somehow, the Starbucks employee seemed more confused than impressed, and Brown's dad takes over the ordering as she returns to her seat with her hands over her mouth, seemingly in disbelief that she actually went through with it.

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Later, as they wait for their drinks, Brown slips into the backseat of the car apparently overcome with embarrassment. Lying across the seats she gifts us with one last hilarious rendition of "Hello"—this time crooning "Hello from the Upside Down"—a reference to the mysterious alternate dimension on Stranger Things.

"Adventures at Starbucks with my daddy #hellofromtheupsidedown #keepcalmimparked #fatheranddaughterbanter @adele" the youngster wrote alongside the video. Watch it here:

This isn't the first time Brown has shared her singing voice. In September she joined two of her castmates for an adorable performance of "Uptown Funk" at the Emmys preshow. So if she starts getting bored with acting, she should definitely pursue music.