She added more ink to her collection over the weekend.


Miley Cyrus is the proud owner of some new ink. The superstar debuted a new piece on her hand, which came courtesy of Daniel Winter a.k.a. Winter Stone, and is something a few fans are seeing as a sly statement on her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The new tattoo is a simple, single-needle piece that reads "freedom" in delicate cursive lettering. Winter has worked on Cyrus before. He's the artist behind the "1961" that she got earlier this year.

Winter shared an image on Instagram, writing, "FREEDOM" alongside the black-and-white image of Cyrus's knuckles and the new tattoo. The new addition to Cyrus's always-growing collection comes just weeks after news broke that Hemsworth was officially filing for divorce, though he still needs to complete a few requirements before the two are legally separated. Fans think that "freedom" may be Cyrus's way of letting the entire world know exactly how she feels now that she's ready to sign on the dotted line.

Fans may also recognize the word from Cyrus's song "Mother's Daughter." The simple phrase could come from the lyric, "Don't fuck with my freedom / I came back to get me some."

Cyrus has yet to comment on her new ink, though it's not her usual M.O. to explain any of her tattoos. Since she and Hemsworth separated, she has been linked and inked with Cody Simpson. Back in October, she got a heart tattooed on her bicep with the words "ROCK N ROLL HEART."