To recover, she will need to stay silent for weeks. 


Doctors have ordered Miley Cyrus to rest her voice after the singer underwent vocal cord surgery this week.

According to People, Cyrus is recovering from her recent hospitalization at home, however, she will not be able to speak (or sing for that matter) for several weeks. Last month, damage in Miley's vocal cords was discovered during her treatment for tonsillitis, and she was told to schedule surgery before the year was over.

Miley Cyrus
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

For now, the unexpected medical emergency put her touring plans on hold. But, rest assured, the wait will be worth it, says a source close to Cyrus. "[Miley] is doing great and will be back and better than ever early next year," explained the insider.

During her recovery, Miley's boyfriend Cody Simpson will likely be taking great care of her. Following her tonsillitis hospitalization, the Australian singer stuck by her side and even wrote a gushy song about their romance, titled "Golden Thing," with the extra time on his hands.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson
Credit: @codysimpson/Instagram

"'Golden Thing' was inspired by my new romance with and admiration for Miley," Simpson told Teen Vogue back in October. "Everything feels refreshed and new and golden."

In the lyrics, Cody points out the many qualities he appreciates about Miley. "Crystal dream / Cali queen / Radiant hand / Vibrant sand," he sings in the first verse. "I'm shot / It's a golden thing she’s got."

With several weeks of recuperation on Miley's end, maybe she'll return the musical love with a ballad all her own.