There may have been some misinterpretation here ... 

By Isabel Jones
Jul 10, 2019 @ 3:45 pm

Another day, another uprising in Miley Cyrus’s comments section.

The singer’s been actively promoting her new "Mother’s Daughter" music video — you know, the one where Miley’s quite literally feelin’ herself in a Britney-esque red latex jumpsuit …

Anyway, one of the messages that flashes across the screen and has been reproduced on Cyrus’s feed is “Virginity is a social construct.” As with pretty much anything pertaining to sex, people had ~thoughts~ about the statement, the bulk of which skewed negative.

It seems that the whole “social construct” part of the message was lost on most, with many viewing Cyrus’s words as a blatant attack on maintaining one’s virginity.


Some also thought Miley was taking a stand against science?


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Though I’m not a direct Cyrus translator, it seems like she’s not criticizing one’s decision to abstain from sex, rather society’s obsession with sexual status.

But OK, go off.