What Is Miley Cyrus's Net Worth?

Miley Cyrus has come a long way since she wrapped Disney’s Hannah Montana in 2011. And while her five-year stint on the show most definitely lent a pretty penny to the then-teenage Cyrus, it was just the beginning. Following the success of the show, Cyrus starred in several movies, released multiple albums — including Can’t Be Tamed and Bangerz — and snagged a win at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) for "Wrecking Ball,” her first U.S. single to top the pop charts, according to Biography.com.

All of that’s to say it’s likely Cyrus, 26, has seen a bank account boost since her Disney Channel days, and with new music dropping tomorrow that number is likely to jump again, leading many to wonder how much The Voice judge is raking in these days.

Miley Cyrus net worth lead
Vera Anderson

Estimates put Cyrus’ net worth at $160 million and, according to Bankrate, she has concert tours, as well as her Hannah Montana merchandise days to thank for the bulk of her fortune. She’s also snagged some awards that have helped bolster her success, including numerous Teen Choice Awards, as well as the aforementioned VMA win.

Speaking of the VMAs, you might recall Cyrus’ headline-making performance at the 2013 awards show — you know, the one with all of the twerking and tongue wagging as she sang her then-new song "We Can't Stop.” Yeah, well, that performance garnered her a cool $79 million in free publicity, according to USA Today, so it’s safe to say that also helped cushion her bank account.

The Richest confirms the $160 million figure, noting that Cyrus was named first on a list of the Top Richest Teens in Hollywood in 2011. The publication also reported that Cyrus was said to have earned $15,000 per episode of Hannah Montana, making her the sixth highest paid child star on television.

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