Miley Cyrus Swaps Her Platinum Pixie for an Ice Blue Shade

Miley Blue Hair lead
Photo: WireImage, LANDOV

What's cooler than being cool? Miley Cyrus's ice-cold blue strands, clearly. While many stars chose to get a fresh blowout before heading to last night's Met Gala, Cyrus opted for a new hue altogether, taking her platinum pixie to a silver-tinted azure.

Ever since she chopped her Hannah Montana layers into the edgy crop a little over three years ago, the star has been especially adventurous with her overall look, but her strands hadn't shifted in shade until last night (save for the neon underarms she posted to Instagram). She did have an accidental blue period when she was a little heavy-handed applying Clairol's Shimmer Lights conditioner a while back, but considering how that was in 2013, we don't think that's what sparked her recent change—she's likely just being Miley, and coordinating with her Alexander Wang gown, no doubt.

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