By InStyle Staff
Updated Oct 07, 2017 @ 11:30 am

Miley, Miley Miley!

While Miley Cyrus ended her week-long residency on the Tonight Show on Friday, her antics really left things on a high note—literally.

In what will forever go down as one of the most epic Lip Sync Battles of all time, Cyrus blew Jimmy Fallon's mind when she performed Portugal. The Man’s hit song “Feel it Still,” replete with a dance performance showing off her high kicks and freakish flexibility with full splits. Not to mention showing off her incredible biceps.

Miley Cyrus EMBED 1
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Miley Cyrus EMBED 2
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Beyond that, but she concluded her Lip Sync with a rousing rendition (and pretty great recreation) of the Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” video.

On a more serious level, Cyrus talked to Fallon during the show about how she changed her plans for the week following the somber news of the Las Vegas shootings and the loss of Tom Petty, and how her goal for the programming was to honor both and provide some uplifting moments.

Check out the battle below.

Miley, we love you so much right now.