Miley Cyrus Show #InstaPride in a New Campaign Supporting LGBTQ Tolerance

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Photo: Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

Miley Cyrus can add photographer and storyteller to her ever-expanding resume: She's teaming up with Instagram to introduce "Happy Hippie Presents #InstaPride," a series of portraits featuring transgender and gender expansive individuals aimed at encouraging diversity and tolerance.

Cyrus, who posted the first shots from the series on her Instagram account today, interviewed each person that she photographed and is using the platform to share their personal stories.

First up is a stunning shot of Leo Sheng, a teenager who used Instagram to document his transition.

"This is Leo (@isupersheng), a 19-year-old college student from Michigan," Cyrus wrote in her caption. "He shares about his own identity, experiences and hopes saying: 'I have a lot of different identities. I’m a writer, a filmmaker in the works, a sometimes photographer, a good public-speaker, a social media junkie, a Gleek, a feminist, an activist a movie buff, a dutiful Netflix fan. The list goes on and on. As for my gender, I identify as a trans man.'"

Stay tuned for more empowering posts from @mileycyrus—she'll be sharing shots throughout the month of June.

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