By Lara Walsh
Updated Jun 06, 2017 @ 7:30 am

On Monday night, Miley Cyrus must have been feeling nostalgic, as she took an epic trip down memory lane with a serious dose of "'90s realness."

The "Malibu" star took to Instagram to gift fans a gloriously awkward but amazing throwback photo of her and her siblings posing with Hanson, and her shout outs to brother Trace's "bad ass mullet" and sister Brandi's "#tankontee" style choices are everything.

"Oh. Em. Gee! @Hanson !!!! I am still freaking out!" the star captioned the photo, which shows the young Cyrus siblings, posing with the precursor to the Jonas Brothers in some serious '90s threads.

"P.S. @tracecyrus you look like you could be one of their brothers as much as ours! Congrats on that bad-ass mullet! @brandicyrus YOU are serving so much 90s realness! Yas! #tankontee!!! @braisoncyrus you were and still are the cutiestttt of all cuties... sorry to embarrass you in front of millions but that's what a big sis is for," the former Disney alum wrote. Miss Cryus herself can be spotted on the right, wearing a Cruella de Vil T-shirt.

She concluded the heartwarming siblings post, "UGH this pic is suchhhhh a GEM. Top 5 best day of my life 1000000%. I will never forget sharing this concert with my sibs!"

Miley Cyrus / Instagram

An hour earlier, the star, who performed in Manchester, England at the One Love Manchester benefit concert on Sunday, appeared to be feeling all the feelings, as she shared a hope for the future of sorts with another throwback image.

"It's Tuesdayyyy so Imma throw it back! Keepin it TBT," she wrote alongside a photo of her as a little girl wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan "Fear."

Miley Cyrus / Instagram

She continued, "I had no idea what the future would hold .... STILL DON'T ..... lookin forward to finding out! For now I am enjoying the present :) all we have is NOW! Gotta make the very most of it!"