Miley Cyrus and Her Dad Are Basically Hair Twins Now

Two times the mullet.

Last last year, right before the holidays, Miley Cyrus gave us all a chop that had everyone humming Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart." Well, with her latest Instagram post, Miley will have everyone full-on belting her pop's tune, because what was a maybe, sort-of mullet is now an undeniable one. Just like her last trim, the new style comes courtesy of celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger. She called the last cut a "Modern Mullet" and the latest style a "Punk Shag," but fans of the Cyrus clan won't be able to un-see the resemblance between Miley's cut and her dad's signature 'do.

"It's a very fashion-forward look yet very no-fuss, both reflective of Miley’s personality," Hershberger said via e-mail. "To get the edgy look, I point-cut her hair and then used a razor to slice it into a shag — it was a very organic process. To style it, we did a rough dry and then I used my 24K Vanity Hair Shaping Balm and 24K Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil to finish off the piecy look."

"New Hair. New Year. NEW MUSIC!" Miley wrote on Instagram in a trio of posts.

Sources close to Miley say that the new style could be a sign of what's to come. The last time she made a drastic change was just before the release of Bangerz, where she debuted a short, platinum-blonde style. With new material on the way — she did say "new music," after all — fans can be sure that whatever she releases is sure to be as big of a statement as this haircut.

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