The terrifying moment was captured on video.

An overzealous stranger took things way too far with Miley Cyrus this weekend as she was leaving her hotel with Liam Hemsworth.

In a video posted on Twitter, the singer can be seen attempting to leave a hotel in Barcelona to get to a car with Liam in the midst of a huge crowd that had gathered to see them, when one person managed to get way too close and personal with Miley.

Liam can be seen trying to walk ahead and clear a path for Miley, but a man managed to jump out and grab her hair and body, attempting to kiss her. Miley is seen trying to get away as someone else realizes what's going on and pushes the man away from her.

Miley had been in Barcelona to perform at Primavera Sound Festival, and while the ordeal was over within seconds, it's still terrifying to witness.

The inappropriate behavior calls to mind an incident when Gigi Hadid was attacked in Milan in 2016. The man had grabbed her from behind and picked her up off the ground. In response, Hadid defended herself, giving him an elbow in the face, yelling, "Who the f— are you, you piece of s—?!"

Miley hasn't commented on the incident on any of social media channels yet, but it should go without saying that it's not okay to do this to anyone, celebrities included.