Miley Cyrus Just Gave Cody Simpson a Quarantine Makeover with a Full Face of Makeup

"Wash your hands and end toxic masculinity."

What have you been up to while staying at home as of late? Miley Cyrus just gave Cody Simpson a quarantine makeover with a full face of makeup, no big deal.

Some celebrities, like Bruce Willis and family, tried on a new set of matching pajamas. Cyrus and Simpson decided to play around with makeup, as you do when you're bored, and the results are hard to argue with.

After getting Cody bare-faced so she had a decent canvas to work with, Miley decided to put a bright pink lipstick on her boyfriend as well as some dramatic mascara and eyeshadow. The end result? Well, Cody looked pretty pleased with himself as he draped himself across a chair and posed for a series of snaps for Miley.

"Prince Neptune," as Simpson has been calling himself lately, shared a video of himself to his own personal Instagram, where he included the caption "Wash your hands and end toxic masculinity." He's seen coquettishly batting his eyelashes. It's totally possible that this makeup look could be a part of something bigger that's meant to be released in the next few days.

Cody shared one of photographer Mert Alas's Instagram Story where he and Miley were seen posing together with the caption "quarantine days, coming soon." This could all be part of an at-home series of photos that the pair are about to unleash on all of us in the near future.

Either way, it's a great way to prove Simpson looks shockingly good while kitted out with a fresh face of makeup. We'll be standing by waiting to indulge our curiosity for what comes next from this couple as we all continue to practice social distancing.

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