Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher Wyatt Football
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Mila Kunis and her beau Ashton Kutcher are two of the biggest names in Hollywood, but the Jupiter Ascending star and new mom hopes their daughter Wyatt chooses a different path than showbiz. So does Kutcher, for that matter, but for very different reasons. The actress visited Conan on Wednesday, where she revealed that, if it was up to Kutcher, their daughter "would be the very first female professional NFL coach, specifically for the Chicago Bears."

Kutcher is molding Wyatt to be a football fanatic, Kunis says, and is "forcing her to watch football every Sunday night, Monday night, and Thursday night." The glowing star—who looked lovely in a LBD for her appearance—told host Conan O'Brien that little Wyatt has worn a Chicago Bears jersey for every game. But, as she notes, the baby never wears the same onesie twice. "There are different onesies, one is a cheerleader one, one's a jersey, one has her name, one doesn't have her name," Kunis explained.

The actress acknowledged that Wyatt will simply have to love football, just like she learned to for Kutcher's sake. "I never watched football until we started dating," Kunis admitted, adding,"Truly knew nothing about it, and now I know way more than I ever intended to. I really don't care about football, that's the truth, but I play along."

Watch Mila Kunis chat with Conan O'Brien about watching football with daughter Wyatt in the Kutcher house by clicking on the video below.