"You felt suffocated by me? Oh, I was just so overbearing, wasn’t I?"


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have reportedly broken up — but that's news to them.

In an Instagram video on Wednesday, the couple hilariously addressed In Touch Weekly's report about their supposed split, showing a screenshot of the magazine's cover that declared "It's over" between them. And it's clear that they have a strategy for handling gossip: going with the flow.

"Oh my God, what are we going to do?" Kutcher joked, as Kunis responded, “I felt suffocated.”

“You felt suffocated by me? I was just so overbearing, wasn’t I?” Kutcher said.

“Also, I took the kids," Kunis said, reading the report. "You had a dark secret exposed."

“You got the kids? I don’t get the kids?!” Kutcher asked. “What was the dark secret?”

Their guess is as good as yours, but as he said in the video, "It must have been really dark."

"I guess it’s over @intouchweekly have fun selling magazines this week," he captioned the post. "Maybe next week my wife will be having twins. For the third time. But who’s counting."

The couple has been married since 2015 and have two children together. Kunis has also previously discussed how she deals with tabloid rumors, telling Cosmopolitan in 2018 that she tries not to read anything about herself.

"I genuinely don’t know what’s written about me ... other than I know that I’m pregnant about once a year and my husband and I are getting a divorce once a year," she said at the time. "I know this because I go down the grocery store aisle, and I see it on the cover of magazines and I’m like, Oh boy, okay!"

At least they'll always have Instagram to help shut down rumors.