Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's relationship has all the hallmarks of a "perfect" love story. They met when they were just young kids. They realized they were perfect for each other way later. And they spend their time looking just like newlyweds while doting on their cute kiddos.

But unfortunately (or maybe mercifully because hey, it means they're human), that romantic perfection decidedly didn't translate to their honeymoon. Kunis swung by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to get real about her first big trip as Kutcher's wife, which was essentially a sweaty RV trip with a 10-month-old baby and her in-laws. Sounds like a blast...

Mila Kunis lead
Credit: C Flanigan

"Eight hours into our RV trip, and this continues, our air conditioner breaks in Bakersfield in 110 degree weather," she said.

"We almost died on the side of the road when Apple Maps took us on a road … It wasn't a road, it was a fire road on the side of a mountain. We all had to jump out of the vehicle and walk for like, three miles while my father-in-law drove the van and Ashton navigated him over massive boulders because there had just been a massive flood. Guys, this was like, day two."

If you thought the saga would end there, you're wrong. Very wrong.

"My wonderful, beautiful mother-in-law picked the RV parks that we were staying in, but she didn’t use the internet. She used, um, books," Mila continued. "She’s like, 'We’ll end in Napa, it’ll be beautiful,' I was like, 'You know what, what could go wrong?' Lemme tell you. An RV park not in Napa, but an hour outside of Napa with two prisons, OK? Yes guys, that is where our RV trip ended. And my husband looked at me and goes, 'I quit,' and I’m like, 'Me too.'"

You heard it here first folks: Mila and Ashton may be couple goals, but you might want to steer clear of any and all of their honeymoon suggestions.